The Bitch Is Back

I gave up blogging about books a while ago. Too many things that demanded my attention, and my available time to read was more precious to me than blogging about my reading. I closed out my Blogger account.

This year there’s been many changes, and now I’ve a bit more free time for reading and posting about my reads.

The latest? So We Read On by Maureen Corrigan.

I didn’t care for F. Scott Fitzgerald when I was in high school or while I was in college. I thought it too simplistic in high school and I was too busy to care about symbolism in college. Also, while I was intrigued by The Great Gatsby, I couldn’t understand why everyone thought it was such a great love story. Even the main character, Gatsby, sees what a fool in reality is his perfect vision of his lost love.

I put the book away for many years. I read it again after seeing the Luhrmann version of the novel. I still felt lukewarm about the book’s plot, but FSG had a deft hand with words and I was beginning to admire this about him.

Then along came Ms. Corrigan’s book and her life story about FSG’s novella. I was hooked. Ms. Corrigan makes no apologies for her love of his work, and I actually like her for being very clear from the beginning about her feelings. I’ve read her book twice now, and I’m about to sit down and re-read TGG with this new information. I want to see how I feel about the book with an adjusted filter.

This is recommended for those with an interest in FSG and his work. If you couldn’t care about him or his work, don’t bother.